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About our hotdogs, benefits and content

We currently use sausages within our school, what are the benefits of using hotdogs instead?
When questioned pupils have said they prefer to eat hotdogs at lunchtime as opposed to sausages.  Children love our hotdogs, Empire Dogs have a 95% approval rate.  Our hotdogs generally have a higher meat content compared to sausages and thereby a higher protein count.
What is the calorie content of your hotdogs?
The Empire Brat 60 grams contains 144 kcal per hotdog

The Empire Frank 50 grams contains 120 kcal per hotdog

According to recent British Nutrition Foundation advice we need to make better choices when considering calories, considering quality calories helps people make better eating choices. Not all calorie rich foods are bad for you and as Empire Dogs contains a high protein value the Quality Calorie concept needs to be taken into account when choosing to include our hotdogs in your diet. The high protein levels in our hotdogs aid children’s development as protein is essential for the growth and develop of muscles and bones.

Will children’s parents/carers be happy for their children to eat your hotdogs at school?

We know children love our hotdogs, statistics showed that 95% of all children surveyed between the ages 5-16 love our hotdogs.  Parents are generally wary of letting their children eat hotdogs as they have previously had a bad reputation for being made of poor cuts of meat.  Empire Dogs saw an opportunity to remedy this by providing a premium hotdog made in the UK from prime cuts of British Red Tractor meat. We produce a hotdog different from the rest and parents should feel assured in offering them to their children.

What is the difference between a hotdog and sausage?
A sausage is a raw product which requires cooking before eating.  A hotdog is a fully cooked product, it can be eaten cold, however, usually they are reheated before eating.
Do your hotdogs accommodate special dietary or allergic needs?
Empire Dogs are made free from allergens.
How do your hotdogs fit in with the School Food Standards?
Feeding children our hotdogs at schools meets with the School Food Standards since our hotdogs contain a higher meat content and have the benefit of being a healthier option made with 100% prime cuts of British Red Tractor approved meat. They are also free of allergens and all undesirable additives as well as being school and Food for Life compliant.

Our hotdogs are offered on the school menu to primary school children once a week and secondary school children twice a week following the School Food Plan recommendations which state that meat or poultry products manufactured or homemade should not be eaten more than once a week in primary schools and twice week in secondary schools.

What is the link between Empire Dogs and Food for Life?
Food for Life is a programme developed by the Soil Association, which is about making good food the easy choice for everyone – making healthy, tasty and sustainable meals the norm for all to enjoy. Empire Dogs is Food for Life compliant since our meat is Red Tractor farm assured and fully traceable.
Where are your hotdogs manufactured?

Our hotdogs are produced in Britain and manufactured in Yorkshire in a BRC grade A standard factory.

Where do you source your meat from for the hotdogs?

Our meat is from animals which are reared in the UK, Red Tractor accredited meaning it is a safe and traceable product.

Cooking and Storage

How long do the hotdogs take to prepare and cook?

For detailed catering instructions please refer to our resource kit on our Resource Centre.

We have an issue feeding so many children during lunchtime, how quickly can the hotdogs be served to the school children?
Our hotdogs are really easy to prepare and can be served very quickly, perfect for a busy school kitchen where catering staff have many children to feed at lunchtime.  Our dogs can be served separately from the servery if required to reduce the build of queues.
Can Empire dogs be cooked easily in a school kitchen?

Yes, our hotdogs can easily be prepared in school kitchens.  For more detailed catering instructions please refer to our Resource Centre.

Do you offer breakfast and break time eating solutions?

Empire Dogs can easily be served at breakfast or break time.  We offer a Grab and Go solution where hotdogs can be pre-wrapped and placed directly on the servery, providing students with a snack option if they are hungry throughout the school day. Topping hotdogs with scrambled egg and bacon provides a perfect breakfast or break offering.

Resources and Ordering

Do you have examples of how Empire dogs have been served in other schools, can you supply any recipe or serving ideas?

Children love eating our hotdogs with a low sugar tomato ketchup or an American style mustard.  However, there are many different menu ideas for our topped dogs, such as, the chilli dog using our Empire Brat and add a topping of beef chilli, soured cream and sprinkled with crushed nachos.  There are many Topped Dogs menu examples available in our Resource Centre.

How many hotdogs can I order at one time?

As many as you need. The minimum order is 1 case (135 hotdogs) per order.

There are 9 hotdogs within each sleeve and 15 sleeves to a case.

What size are the hotdogs?

Our Empire Frank is approximately 6 inches long

Our Empire Brat is approximately 6.5 inches long

Both options are extremely filling for children as they contain 100% real British Red Tractor approved meat.

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